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Partner with UCH To Break The Cycle of Poverty and Transform Lives, Families and Communities. 
There are many ways to get involved: give, visit, volunteer.

The proposal to start an Occupational Therapy Unit in Umri started with the birth of an Angel, and me being part of it was God's plan, this child has brought hope in this small village to cultivate awareness and promote wellbeing of these children with special needs.

- Ann Salome John, Occupational Therapist


"I know not what your destiny will be, but this I do know.

Those of you will find real happiness, will be those of you

who will have sought, and found - HOW TO SERVE"


This place is special as it moulds people according to the heart of God. As a family we can tell that God’s hand is in this place and is at work as sick are being healed and people are delivered from the bondages and He has started expanding the borders of this place.

- Dr. Joseline Lyndsey Esther, Dentist

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If you're interested in supporting us, please send us a message

Our partners help us reach out to help the people of Central India with compassion and quality medical care, resulting in transformed lives.  No gift is too small.


We need your support in three key ways:

Learn more about UCH   |  Work with us  |  Give

Thank you for your faithfulness, prayers, and generous gifts.

Your support helps us make a difference for thousands of people

who are suffering without hope.

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